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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 31: Insect Investigation, Animal activity, Watch us GROW!

April Events:

4/28 Animals in the Classroom (10:50-11:50am)


May Events:
5/1 May Day

5/2 Mrs. Kloczko's Birthday! 

5/2 Minimum Day 8am-12pm

5/5 Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

5/5-5/9 Wildflower Week

5/6 National Teacher's Day

5/15 Open House 5:30-6:30pm

5/23-26 Memorial Day (No School)

Words of the Week (W.O.W.): when, would 

Blend of the Week (B.O.W.): th__ (example: thin, think, that, than, thump, three). 

Daily Reading Log: 

Options for logging your students exposure to literacy at home: 

Option A) Complete the online version of the "Daily Reading Log".

Option B) Record your child's reading selection on the back of the homework packet instruction sheet.

Option C) Create a electronic book shelf using shelfari and share it with me so I can follow your collection growth! This option is super easy! All you have to do is create a profile (basically name & email) and then type the title of the book(s). See my shelf to the right of this post for an example. 

Reading Strategy: Predictions & Inferences

Phonemic Skills: 

Syllable Tapping: Your student is now practicing syllable tapping (extend one arm and use the other hand to start at the shoulder and tap down the arm for every syllable). Practice this skill with simple CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words such as c-a-t, d-i-g, f-o-g, b-e-g... etc. Once your child proves success with independent practice you may challenge him/her to move on to more difficult words. By rehearsing this skill daily, your child will reach mastery in no time!

Rhyming: Please work with your student on words that rhyme. Begin with words that follow our word families. Reading poetry and seeing how others use rhyme can be a fun way to begin this journey! Dr. Seuss is a great resource for this activity. 

Please continue work with both segmenting words at home. 

Phoneme Segmentation: Kindergarten Skill Standard: RF.K.2c Student will be able to blend and segment onsets and rimes of single syllable spoken words. 
Example: Tell me the sounds in the word cat answer: /c/ /a/ /t

Prompt: Tell me the sounds in the word man 
Answer: /m/ /a/ /n/

Prompt: Tell me the sounds in the word hit 
Answer: /h/ /i/ /t/

Prompt: Tell me the sounds in the word box 
Answer: /b/ /o/ /x/

Math Focus: Composing 11-19!

Symbaloo: Student Access